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VTR Tossed down the Road!!



Well our buddy Dennis Decided that he could not let Don have all the 
fun doing high-speed mods to his bike, so he joined the club....


The makings of a street fighter!!

Wheel and rotors look fine.

I have my doubts that your yokes are straight


We might be able to just get new sliders and rebuild the forks, but maybe not.....

Plastic fenders break just as easily, but are way cheaper to replace..

What a mess, but it looks worse than it is.

Apparently there is a crack in this clip-on, hard to see.

How do you like the shorter wheelbase?

is this just a weeping leak, or a fully cracked case?

I really don't like the look of these sliders, how good a job did they do?
What I don't like is where they mount. That is not the strongest part of the frame, and being a sand cast part, if it were to break there at the mounting point of the black bracket you would be hard pressed to fix it. I like the sliders that use the larger bolt that is right behind the corner of the radiator, that is the main engine mount, you will not find a more solid spot.

Needs a new brake lever, but the side case could be fixed, and then covered with one of Jav's 
snazzy new carbon fiber case protectors

Is that pipe just scratched?

Well it looks like the yoke protector worked.....








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