Dutch Run Fall 2002

What can I say? We had a really great time. The weather was with us, and we had the morning sessions under blue skies!!

Just a few pics...

A claw hammer and a screwdriver, yes the 
 track only GSXR600 pit crew at work.....

He is smiling now, but wait until he gets a turn on the RMX

Hey Batman, take off the helmet and show us your face, ah on second thought, just smile...

Don at speed!

Cool graphics

OK Russell, you are having just too much fun!

The VTR was fun, but so much different than the RMX, more to learn

Yes boys and girls it is a "Toy", who wants a go?

There is our man Keith, famous from his days in Keith Powell and the Valets once again ahead of StuBo..

StuBo for president!!