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Dutch Run September 26th 2004

Well I had fun, but we got wet, wet wet!


The visibility was down to mere meters at points, and it was Sendai Highland
by memory  a few times, sort of a track day in Braille!

It was a real drag that when you had your visor down, you could not see, 
but if you lifted your visor up, you face got pelted with what felt
 like thousands of tiny needles, a no win situation for sure.


We all sat out the first two sessions, well I think Julian the wild man
 may have gone out once. We had lunch, and then started putting rain tires on.
All I have to say about rain tires is that they ROCK!!

I had my first go on the GSXR600, and it is really a great bike, as far as I could tell
 in the pissing rain, on a fog covered track while running rain tires!! 
I very much think I like this bike and will do my best to keep it!


OK enough rambling, here are some pics I took!

I think Neil sums up the entire day here....

Neil and Aoki, and Aoki's NICE GSXR750!!

Another shot

Jerry and his RVT

John getting loaded up

Julian makes a call

Julian doing his best imitation of a dispatch rider!!


Neil hams it up!

The New GSXR600

An "Artsy" shot...