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Masa getting ready for his first ride on a Super Moatrd

30 second gal.....

This is the new CBR600, this bike had all new bodywork, and the rider (Aoki san) had brand new leathers, and we could all feel the track gods wanting to feast on all that new kit, but he dodged the bullet and made it through the day!!

The GP1 race start

If you look carefully there are some motorcycles somewhere in this picture..

Yes a bunch of happy guys!!

We got hours (5+) of time on the track, and the Race queens came by our pits for a visit!!
From the left: Stuart (Me), Keith, Shady, and Masa 

Pit pic, that is Masa's R1 on the right, Craig's GSXR600 on the left and my Super Motard RMX 250 in the background

The packing in the RMX's muffler caught on fire!! it was old and oil soaked, we had trouble putting it out!

Nagano san and hi R6

Looking into the pit from the track side

From the back of the pit

My RMX's GPR70 rear tire, first session

3rd Session

4th Session

5th Session

6th Session

Shady's R1 in the foreground

Just the Race Queens and Shady's R1

I think Shady won't be washing that seat for a while!

The RMX's packing still smoldering...

Keith's XR600's dual-purpose 604 tires, on offroad rims

The day we were heading up to the track Keith found out the front wheel bearings for his XR600 Motard wheels wheels 
(17" with sticky tires) were shot, so he made the best of it and put his offroad wheels on with dual purpose tires, he did well.


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