October 20th 2002

Well we all went up to watch Don, Russell and Craig race at FISCO on the 20th of October. Here are some pictures I took that day.

Click on any of the thumbnails to see a full sized picture.

corner_outpost.jpg (97319 bytes)
We set up  on the area right after turn on dear the Chicane.
corner_outpost2.jpg (77763 bytes)
Another view of the corner outpost.
warmup.jpg (99684 bytes)
Here is a shot of Don way out in 
front on the warm up lap
lap1.jpg (116412 bytes)
Here is the first lap of the race!
That is Don in the lead with Russell just making the pass for 5th place.
lap1_russell.jpg (97056 bytes)
Russell on lap one in the chicane, 
that is the closest the guy
 in 6th place got to Russell, I think.
lap2.jpg (129361 bytes)
Coming down the hill, Don still in the lead,
 with Russell still in 5th place, you can
see the guy in 6th place in now further behind.
lap2_don.jpg (102585 bytes)
Don on the fly out of the chicane!
lap3.jpg (125327 bytes)
Here they come again, you can just Russell coming out of turn one after passing the guy on the red bike on the brakes!! 
lap2_russell.jpg (104575 bytes)
A lap later Russell coming into the chicane in 4th position.
You can really see how much Russell
has dropped the guy in 5th place.


lap4.jpg (90680 bytes)
Don on lap 4, the guy on the 41 machine who
 was Don's shadow the entire race until
the last lap is just out of the picture here.
stubo1.jpg (214287 bytes)
Here StuBo is kindly cleaning the RMX for me :)
stu2.jpg (105800 bytes)
Me and the RMX in front of John's booth, showing off his TireSox


Well that is about it, Had a great time, thanks to all for having us there.