Got stopped by a train

Heading towards a big dam

My bike at the Suwacho service area getting gas

neat sunset

Jim the scooter boy

Over the shoulder shot

Over the shoulder shot of Jim and Jav

Jim on the road

Jim on the beach

On the beach

The VTR all loaded up

Jav on the night train

Nick makes a new friend

Nice View

Neil, into a corner

Group shot. Jim, Jav, Clem, Neil

Neat spot for a pic of Jim with our bikes

Into the light!!

In a small town

Neil stands up for a better view

Stuck in traffic, my thermometer read 43.8C!!!

Holding up the hill side!!

Fear the monkey!!

Clem, Jav, Jim, Neil


Clem leading Neil

Clem about to overtake

This road was closed too!!

Waiting at a construction zone

On the beach

The campsite

Eric on the beach

Stu fixing Nick's brakes

Going into one of the many tunnels

Jav's Night Train

Jeremy on the Spada 250. Neat old house on the right

On the road, Jav on the Harley, Stu in red

This road was closed due to landslides!

Riding on the beach on the Sea of Japan

Stu in a corner

Stu taking a drink from his Camel back!!

That is me sweating like crazy in my full suit!!

Jav, with a Harley, Clem with the BMW don't need to fill up on gas yet!!

Eric asks if we go that way........?