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 April 26th 2003 



David sent me some new photos of the old nail with new threads!!



Here is the old nail just before I shipped it to David
Just so you remember, I sold the Old Nail to a guy named David in the US, he has plans to race this old bike in the Dinosaur class, which is "Pre-1985" bikes. The GSXR 750 was not imported into the US until 1986, so this made him search further a field for a bike. Thanks to the internet David found my site, and asked if I wanted to sell the bike. Some trials and tribulations later, here is the proud owner of the Old Nail ripping her guts out to make her better, stronger, and faster!!
OK now to just prove how small a world it is, this is a picture of a friend of mine Rick Williams, he saw an add in a bike classified for some used 1985 GSXR 750 bodywork and he thought it must be from the guy I sold the bike to (I'm in Japan, Rick is in the USA) Well he was right. Rick went over to get the body work, and he got this picture of him and the Old Nail in the first stages of rebirth. The picture beside that is the body work off the Old Nail that Rick bought off of David, Rick is restoring an old Gixxer as well.

Beauty and the Beast....You do the math!

Trick bits abound!!

Way cool brakes, much better than the circa 1985 units

Now that looks like a race bike!

We don't need not stinking Speedo, we know we are going fast!!

I was going to make one of them, but not out of carbon fibre!!

Looking more "Race" in every picture!!

A little bit different view

More trick bits, look at that rear rotor!!

17" wheels, sticky buns, no waiting!!

Well there are a few bits on there I can still recognize!!
I can't wait to see the bike with a fresh new paint job!!
OK here is a list of stuff that David has done to the Old Nail, and related info.



It's about time I gave you an update on the GSXR! ;)

This last Saturday was the first time the engine has been run or the bike has been ridden since I picked it up at the dock. 
My back injury has made the process painfully slow and as it stands now, I will not be racing the first part of the season.  
It took me two days to recover from Saturday.  It has been 16 months since I last rode a motorcycle.

I rode the bike at Sears Point International Raceway on Saturday.  
After chasing down a fuel leak at the fuel supply hose, the bike ran flawlessly all day.  

I have not touched the engine at all, other than an oil change, oil filter, and internal cleaning of the carburetors.  It ran fine.

Here is the list of modifications so far.

2000 GSXR 600 Forks---Required bearing matching and replacement.
I also had to machine the forks stops off the lower triple clamp.
The upper triple clamp had to be machined underneath to be able to move the forks as low as possible in 
the triple clamps to raise the front end for ground clearance reasons.
I have not yet had an opportunity to have the setup checked and measured by Computrack,
but based on the handling of the bike,
I know I am in the ball park for quick steering and great front end traction and feel.
I already know that I need to go to stiffer front fork springs and have a set to install.
I also need to rebuild and revalve the forks for better adjustment control.
The Ohlins rear shock worked flawlessly.  It gave me great feel for rear end traction.

96-2002 GSXR Clip-ons
2000 GSXR 600 Front brake calipers and master cylinder.
Galfer Stainless Steel Brake Lines
EBC Pro Lite Front Brake Rotors
2000 GSXR 600 Front rim with 120/70-17 tire
85 GSXR Right side switch gear
2000 GSXR Clutch lever and perch (cable operated)
Katana Clutch cover and cable to convert to cable operated clutch instead of hydraulic
(the stock clutch hose broke in two when I removed the 85 forks.)
95 GSXR 1100 Rear rim with a 180/55-17 tire.
96-99 GSXR 750 Sprocket Hub carrier--machined to work with the 95 rear rim.
( I did this for access to cheap rear sprockets and to save some weight)
Custom machined rear axle spacers to be able to use the 96-99 Sprocket carrier 
with the stock rear axle and to keep wheel alignment correct.
TCM Razorback rear brake rotor.  
Saves a ton of weight over the stock rear rotor and looks cool. ;)
DID 520 Race chain
15T 520 front sprocket.
45T 520 rear sprocket.
2000-2003 GSXR 750 Carbon fiber left side heel guard
Custom machined shift lever stainless steel shift rod. (I did this to be able to run GP shift pattern)
Stronger Foot Peg movement springs (I did this to try to keep the foot pegs from folding up)
Sharkskin Bodywork 88-90 Style.
88-90 Stock headlight bracket modified to hold the body work.

The stock engine and carburetors are putting out enough power right now to put the bike in the top three on the track in the Super Dinosaur class.

I was actually able to keep up with Reg Pridmore for almost a lap Saturday on the GSXR, even being really rusty. ;)

I have a 91 cylinder head that I have already ported the intake side of and need to work on the exhaust side. 
I also have adjustable camshaft sprockets, GSXR 1100 camshafts, spare connecting rods, pistons, transmission,
etc. for the engine to get more horsepower out of it.

I would like to avoid tearing the engine apart until the end of this season, but we will see how it goes.
I want to try out the CR Special 35mm carburetors next and see how the power curve it.
The flatslides do not pull cleanly from down low in the rpm range.  I need more throttle control at the low revs for the
tighter tracks where the suspension setup I have will be a huge advantage.
I also want to install the 91 curved oil cooler and a Yosh oil temp gauge I have for the bike.  

Between now and the start of the season in the middle of march, I just need to make a tach bracket,
go through the front forks, change out the front brake pads, install NRC case covers,
try different carb combinations, make a belly pan, and paint the bodywork.
I have a friend who is going to race the bike for me at the first race, to buy me some more time for my back to strengthen up.  

Thanks again for all of your help.
The bike is a blast to ride.
I handles like my last 250, but has a lot more power.
It should be a good racing season.



Looks like the Old Nail is in good hands!!

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