I got invited up to the Tsukuba race track on Sunday May 26th. Thanks to Sato san for the paddock passes, and thanks to Craig's lovely wife Orie for helping us.

We all had fun, and the kids even enjoyed it. 

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Craig "Top Ten" Farjardin
lets_go.jpg (64237 bytes)
Going to the starting line
move_and_i_will_hit_you.jpg (116272 bytes)
I think if he moved too soon that guy would smack him one
crg1.jpg (73289 bytes)
Craig on the straight
tired_but_happy.jpg (81191 bytes)
He was tired, but he was happy, he kept the sticky side down!
my_dad_is_top_ten.jpg (79312 bytes)
"Hey!" says Kyle, "My Dad is top ten all the way!"
Jack "Rubber Chicken Racing" De Andrade
jack_and_umbrella_girl.jpg (104826 bytes)
Gee Jack a real cute umbrella girl you got there....
jack_pass.jpg (93298 bytes)
Jack goes by on the inside
jack_fence.jpg (71606 bytes)
Watch out for the fence!
jack2.jpg (78042 bytes)
Making Time!
jack3.jpg (77359 bytes)
Sato Sensei!
sato_sensei_race_queen.jpg (77782 bytes)
Sato Sensei and that homely Race Queen


sato_sensei_nagano_race_queen.jpg (120373 bytes)
Nagano San came over to see if he could scare off the race queen for Sato Sensei, but instead the race queen fondles Nagano san!!