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front1.jpg (69187 bytes)
Front view of the KDX220SR
There are two mirrors, I haven't put the left one on yet.
left_side2.jpg (131235 bytes)
Left-side view of the bike
right_side2.jpg (115941 bytes)
Right-side view of the bike
right_closeup.jpg (132178 bytes)
Close up of the right-side of
 the bike, notice the frame
speedo1.jpg (151471 bytes)
The bike's been ridden about 4,200 km.
tank_dent.jpg (142197 bytes)
Here is a very small dent in the gas tank. It was there when I bought it
chamber1.jpg (134899 bytes)
Here is a very minor dent in the chamber; it was also originally there.


I bought this bike at the beginning of this year. I wanted a bike that is good around town and is good offroad too. 
The KDX really delivered, performing great on both dirt and tarmac. 
It is very reliable, starting every time on the first or second kick, and gets good gas mileage for a 2-stroke
 (18km per liter in town, 21km per liter on the highway). 
It is also low maintenance. 
It has an automatic oil injection system so there is no need to mix gas--just fill it up and go. 
The oil is kept in a small tank tucked under the rear fender. 
One filling (about a liter of oil) lasts for about 10 tanks of gas (100 liters). 
It has good power (40hp, 3.7kg of torque), it handles beautifully, it is very light at 105kg 
and it goes very well on the road or the dirt. 
The tires are Michelin T-63, which are about 50/50 onroad-offroad tires, 
I was surprised at how well they worked in all conditions. 
The mods I've done have been purely functional. 
I derestricted the air box, which adds some power, but actually results in better gas mileage. 
I put a steel braided brake up front to improve the already good brakes, I added frame guards to keep the bike looking good. 
I put a high output bulb in the headlight to improve the lighting. 
I replaced the soft plastic guard on the rear brake with a good aluminum one. 
I also replaced the stock heavy steel handlebar with a lightweight (but stronger) aluminum Hardy handle bar and brace.
I am selling this bike because I managed to pick up a cheap Motocross racer for offroad riding and now 
I want to buy a big sports tourer. My wife says I can't keep them all. :-(
If you would like to come by and see the KDX or ask any questions, please call me at ...

Cell phone 090-6516-4618
or e-mail me at kdx220sr@masutoh.com

I want 300,000 yen for the bike, or best offer..
I can help with registering the bike in your name, etc.
I hope to hear from you,
Stuart Ablett