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We went to Motegi to attend a SRTT class with Naito Sensei, we got really lucky on the weather, it had rained the day before, and was raining in the early morning, but by the time we were getting on the bikes the pavement had already dried up. 

From our group of riders there was Don Helle, James, Bill Jokela and Maya

At first we did basic skills, turning and braking etc. then we went on to wide swooping slalom, and finally tight slalom that really requires good timing.


We then moved on to the "South Course", which has been described as a parking lot. This often brings up images of a "Japanese" parking lot, it is not, this is like a Huge Disneyland parking lot, with no light posts or lines for parking cars. There are lines painted on it, but they are a track.

Down the front straight of this track you can hit 100 to 120 Kph. This is really fun, you can go as fast as you want to. we all ride two laps and then stop, at that point the instructors will move the riders around, faster guys go to the front, and slower to the rear, if you get bumped either way, don't worry about it, because this leapfrogging goes on all day, sometimes you get a few hot laps and you go up, sometimes while you are working on one of the many things the instructors are trying to teach you, you put in a few slow laps.


Here are some overview shots of the south track so you can get some scale of the place....

Click on any thumbnail for a larger picture.

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Here we see some of the Students riding at various points on the track.


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This dude was smoking!
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naito_sensei.jpg (67025 bytes)
That is Naito Sensei in the back, man can this dude ride!
naito_sensei2.jpg (33476 bytes)
More Naito Sensei
naito_sensei3.jpg (36768 bytes)
Again Naito Sensei
james_naito.jpg (43987 bytes)
Here is James followed 
by Naito Sensei


That is it for now, I hope to get some video up here soon as well.

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