Street Riders Technical Training


January 11th 2003 at the Sagami Depot 

First a big thanks has got to go out to Don Helle for putting this on and spending his valuable time trying to teach us how to control our bikes better.

We started out with some braking practice, one of the guys Matt on a RVF (nice bike) panic braked (Don says he "Bitch Slapped the brakes) lost the front end and dropped the bike. Matt was almost stopped when it happened, and he only got a few minor scratches in the lower fairing.

After that we went and did a section of the course, the we moved on to another section and finally the whole course. Loads of fun, and large helping of humble pie :)

I can't wait to do it again!!

Here are the pics, Don took 78 pics, most are good. Don asked me to put "Center Lines" in the pics to show where the bike's center and the rider's center are, the lines should be the same. I did not try to pick on anyone, there were just more shots that could be edited that way of some people :)

Click any thumbnail for a larger pic.


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Darryl good lean
r1_2.jpg (41711 bytes)
Darryl has a good lean here
rvf_1.jpg (120215 bytes)
Matt looking good!
stu_corner1.jpg (141848 bytes)
Here is what NOT to do....
stu_corner2.jpg (46982 bytes)
Better, but I'm still the poster boy for counter leaning...
stu_corner3.jpg (98920 bytes)
Way off the bikes center line
OK now some normal Pics
Don took a total of 78 pictures and 37 of them are here.



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