How to get to the Honda Training Center at Okegawa


I'm going to the Okegawa training area via Route #17 from Tokyo.

Getting near or into Saitama on route #17 you go past these roads;

#16 <-Large junction

You then turn left on Route #12

Some landmarks;

Route #17, going North you will see on your right a "Gusto" restaurant
on your left is a Toyota dealer and next to that at the corner of Route #17 and Route #12 is a Honda Clio dealer. Across the road on the right of this junction is a large Home centre.

OK you have turned left from Route #17 onto Route #12 and are now going South West,
 you will very soon pass a ENEOS gas stand on your right,

On Route #12 heading South West, you will pass another ENEOS gas stand on your right,
 then you will pass a Jonathans restaurant on your right as well.
 The road takes a bit of a dogleg to the right, then it is just straight, you are now going West.
You will pass a large "Yoko Mart" on the left, it is a supermarket.

Next on your right is a large park, then route #57, keep going straight on route #12,
 and soon you will pass over the long bridge, 
if you look to your left you can see the training area below the bridge.

You go a little past the end of the bridge and you will turn to the left, follow the red bouncing balls...

We meet at the big Red "X" on the map.
Please don't park in front of the building, park off to the side in a dirt parking lot,
you will see the "P" there on the map.

If you are not coming up Route #17, say coming from Yokohama, here are the directions...

Take 16 all the way north to Kawagoe City. Turn left on 254. Turn right on 12, then
see the map above for directions.

That is the easy way, but it may not be the quickest...

Here is another way, coming from Yokohama that Neil posted up on the BBS....


I would take Warashibe's way. Not 16."

-Dai-san-keihin to it's end at Tamagawa (?) interchange.
-Left onto Kanpachi-dori (otherwise named 466 for about 2km then the same road is remonikered 311) so you're headed north-northwest
-Go about 21 km on Kanpachi-dori until the Omiya-Bypass(route17)
-Left onto Omiya-Bypass(route17) and go about 30 km until route 12.
-Left onto route 12 and go about 6 km to the long bridge that crosses the Arakawa River.
-Go over the bridge (while on the bridge you will see the training area to your left) and take the first right and right again so you are going back toward the river and running with the bridge to your above right.
-Take a right at the end. Pass under the bridge. Take the first left.
-turn right into the training area and keep to the right. turn left and head the the registration desk.

More Maps...


I hope that works