Track Day Tech Inspection






Tech Inspection For Track Days


Things that need to be wired



Engine oil drain plug



Engine oil filler cap





Bolts to Check


Brake caliper bolts


Clip-on or handlebar bolts


Front axel Pinch bolts


Rear axle


Front axle


Check the rearset or footpeg bolts





Sight Checks


Check the tires for wear


Look for fluid leaks from the engine (oil, coolant).


Fork Seals


Look for damaged or leaking lines, brake, clutch fuel.


Check brake pad wear


Brake fluid, front and rear level


Clutch fluid level


Engine oil level


Engine coolant level






Other things to Check


Tire Pressure  <- Very Important


Throttle Action;
The throttle grip should “snap” back after it is opened and is let go, make sure you check the throttle action at both right and left full lock as well.


Throttle slack;
How much does the grip move before the throttle opens?


Chain Adjustment <- VERY Important


Front brake/Clutch lever position
Make sure the levers are at a comfortable position for the rider


Rear brake;
Check to see if the foot pedal is in the right position for the rider


Fuel level <-Sucks to take a crash truck ride because you ran out of gas


For Street Bikes;
Remove mirrors from the bike, if you cannot do that, tape the glass surfaces
Tape up your headlight, taillight, and turn signals.
In the event of a crash the tape will keep all of the small pieces from covering the track, which save clean up time. If you can you should also disconnect the headlight, as the tape could get melted onto the headlight lens causing a gooey mess to get off later.


 Download this check list as a "Word" document here...
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