Carb Adjusting tool pics

I was asked to take some pictures of the Honda Carb Adjusting too, here ya go!


An Overview, the tool is about 45 cm long. It is hollow with a flexible shaft in the center,
you turn the yellow handle and the blade screwdriver tip turns.

Here the tip is pushed all the way out

Here the tip is pulled all the way in

This is the tip of the tool

More details

Overview of the handle

Neck extended

Neck pushed all the way in

When you push the knurled knob that is between the handle and the shaft of the tool the tip extends out of the tool. When you  pull on the knurled knob the tip retracts in the tool.

Simple tool, seems to work well, I could not imagine making one for the price you can buy it. I guess if you had a lot of free time and the means...?