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Case Guards for a VTR1000F

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Update April 2004

I got the Case Guards in the mail, the package to ship would be about 4.5 Kg, shipping to the US or Europe would be about $45, that is surface mail, and will take 4 weeks. I am getting the Case Guards for about $185.

With shipping and everything I could send these very strong, very functional
 (but not the prettiest) Case Guards to anyone in the US or Europe for $230 total
(price went up as the dollar is really weak against the yen)

The pics of the Red VTR below was the original one I saw at the Honda training school in Suzuka. The instructors told me that this bike had been down at least a dozen times, and there is only one small scratch on the fairing, and the stupid stock  front turn signals busted off, but I have the flush mounts. 

Even if you don't buy the Case Guards you should change your front turn signals to flush mounts, the stock turn signals are only attached to the inner fairing, which is plastic, drop the bike on the turn signal and it bends breaking both the inside and outside fairing panel, expensive!

 Tons of pics of me putting the crash bars on my VTR

If you want a set email me here

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Red VTR at the Honda School in Suzuka

I found these Case Guards on the training bikes at the Honda Suzuka training center. They are one offs made by a local shop, I'm trying to see if I can get some from the shop, they don't look the greatest, but they are durable, these bikes have been down more times than you want to know, but aside from the front turn signals getting busted (flush mounts are the way to go) the only damage I could find was a slight scratch on the corner of the fairing on the left side (circled in yellow on the second picture in the left side column).


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