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VTR1000F FireStorm Pipe Bar Conversion

This is what I started with, for 3000 yen I thought, "What the heck".

OK, here is the way the bike looked before I did the pipe handlebar conversion, these were "Helibars" so they were about an inch or so up from stock.

Here is the bike after the pipe bars installed, the fairing and windscreen cut.
Here I cut and pasted the old bar position onto the new one. It may not look like a huge difference in position, but it is. In the more upright position much more of your weight is off your hands, so your wrists don't suffer as much. 

The view from the seat, the bars are about an inch wider on each side than the Helibars were.

View from the front, you are not seeing double, there are two top bridges there.

The bottom bridge is stock the top one is modified to take the pipe bars

To fit the top bridge with the pipe bar mounting points, I had to cut the piece off that held the ignition.
I guess I shall see how it goes from here.

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