We are a family owned and operated business. The shop has been owned by my wife's family in it's present location for almost 100 years. My wife Emiko and I have taken on the task making the shop into a specialty store. We take pride in our products. We have been studying very hard to become well versed in our products to help our customers enjoy them to their fullest.

 Contact Information

Address: 162-0055 Tokyo-to Shinjuku-ku Yochomachi 6-29 
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Telephone: 03-3351-1087  
: 03-3225-5843 
Cell: 090-6519-4618
E-mail: info@masutoh.com

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Saturday 11 AM to Midnight
Sunday we are closed

Webmaster: Stuart Ablett 
Shop  Owner:

My wife Emiko is Japanese and speaks English very well (sometimes better than I do). Myself, Stuart, work hard at making sure all of the beer tastes fresh, (sometimes you have to check these things).

Please feel free to come by anytime and we will do our best to help you choose a bottle of wine that is just right for the occasion.

If you would like to venture into the world of Japanese Sake we can help with that too!

We also have about 30 kinds of beer from all over the world, check us out.

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