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I was blogging here and there, but I’ve decided to just blog here, on my own page.
This will be about life here in Tokyo in general, I susspect that there will be a fair bit of woodworking involved but it won’t be limited to that subject.

I was doing a delivery to a local shrine for their Oh-Mikoshi festival and I snapped a couple of pics that to me were of interest.

This is the portable shrine that is hauled around the neighbourhood by the locals, it is very ornate.

A closer look.

While I was standing there, I noticed these two roofs at the front of this small shrine, the first one is over the entrance, or gate……

sorry it is not a great picture, lots of stuff in the way, the second roof is over the well they have on the grounds…..

This caught my eye as it is curved, most roof lines I see at shrines are straight lines with maybe an upturned corner, but not a curve like this.

Finally right across the street is an older building, I will bet it was a shop or business at one time, with living quarters on the second floor, it is rather run down now, but still, look at the facade…..

… compared to most modern buildings it is quite ornate.
I just thought these things were interesting, nothing special really just things that caught my eye, while living here in Tokyo.

PS, one last thing, while getting ready to go on a delivery I heard a sound, and got out my iPhone quickly enough to capture this…..
This guy comes down my street fairly regular like, I’d hate to have to drive this car around Tokyo…..


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