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Day Ride to Saku in Nagano Sept 2006

Tochigi Rain Ride Oct 2005

Gifu Trip July 2005

Nagano Ride Report  
Nov 6th 2004

Dutch Run September 26th 2004

Ebisu T.Tada Cup Race &
 Track day May 2nd 2004

The VTR Page!!

 How to get to Okegawa

Track Day Stuff

How to read 2-smoke plugs for carb tuning

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Dutch Run Fall 2003

Ride To Izu Aug 30 2003

Motegi SRTT July 14th

Ebisu Track Day
New Pics Here
Ebisu Track Day!!

Update! Rebirth of the Old Nail!!

Tossing Off

Black Cherry!!

Tokyo Bike Show April 6th 2003  

Sagami SRTT March 30th 2003

North Dock Training
 March 22nd 2003

The New Bike Trailer!!

How to Replace Fork Seals

SRTT Day at Sagami Depot!!

Page of various vids, not all bike related.

FISCO October 20th 2002

The Dutch Run Fall 2002

Tsukuba in the Rain!!

Some Bike Pics...

Some More Bike Pics...

The latest bike, 1995 RMX 250R 

A recent trip to Tsukuba

Maps and info on places we ride

Come for a beer at the Dungeon some time!

Great Bike shop MotoFoot!

The GSXR is For Sale!  SOLD!!

The KDX I'm Selling << sold!

2001 Tokyo Bike show Eye Candy (bikes of course!)

Here are some recent pictures taken this at the end of June 2002, just before The Gixxer left to go racing in the USA.

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